Joshua "Obama" Auli

Youth Rally President


Every year our churches take a week during the summer and we all go to Camp. It is by far one of the best weeks of the year for most of us. Unfortunately it ends so quickly and we have to wait a full year to see friends again. I remember my first year of camp. I didn’t know anyone and it was pretty rough the first few days. By the time I had friends, we had to go!

These Youth Rallies are a way to connect outside of camp! The same friends we all remember come together and we pick up where we left off! With these Youth Rallies we can invite people who want to go to camp with us and they can get to know people before then! How great it would be if these Youth Rallies grew so much that we filled the camp every year with new and old friends alike!?


This is a way to continue getting connected with our youth and spreading God’s Word to our youth!

We Hope To See You There!