The PURPOSE of the Ladies Auxiliary is, first of all, to LIFT UP CHRIST, in the individual lives of its members and collectively as a group. The purpose of an Auxiliary is not, as some suppose, simply a fund-raising organization within the church.  Its purpose should be to stimulate interest and zeal in every phase of the work of the church, to teach its members the truths of God's Word, to visit in the interest of the work of the church, to contribute cheerfully and assist in the teaching of our young people of the church.  Women have a special talent, given to them by God, for teaching children and teens.  That talent can be encouraged and properly channeled through proper study and association of the women in the Auxiliary work.

The AIM of the Ladies Auxiliary  is to so teach that every woman may learn more of Christ, train her head, heart and hands for His service, more fully consecrate her body to Him, learn to be more loyal and helpful to her church in all her undertakings for the Master and that she may learn to LIVE for Christ continually.

The GOAL is to enlist every woman of the church in work for her Lord that her Christian character may be strengthened through Christian fellowship of other women, her spiritual life developed through Bible Study and Prayer, and Christ is exalted through her life.